Festines literarios

La artista neoyorquina Dinah Fried publicó en abril de este año uno de los libros más originales y bellos en lo que refiere al “arte para bibliófilos” que haya visto. ¿Qué es lo que hizo de espectacular Fried? Sencillamente tomó las descripciones de comidas en libros clásicos, las recreó y las fotografió exquisitamente. El resultado se puede ver en su libro Fictious Dishes.

Aquí van algunas deliciosas fotos de su libro:

The Catcher in the Rye (El guardián entre el centeno) de J.D. Salinger

“When I’m out somewhere, I generally just eat a Swiss cheese sandwich and a malted milk.
It isn’t much, but you get quite a lot of vitamins in the malted milk. H. V. Caulfield. Holden Vitamin Caulfield.”

The Great Gatsby (El gran Gatsby) de F.Scott Fitzgerald


“On buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors-d’oeuvre, spiced baked hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys bewitched to a dark gold.”

Alice in Wonderland (Alicia en el País de las Maravillas) de Lewis Carroll

Fictitious Dishes: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

“‘Have some wine,’ the March Hare said in an encouraging tone. Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea.”

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Pánico y locura en Las Vegas) de Hunter S. Thompson


“‘You goddamn honkies are all the same.’ By this time he’d opened a new bottle of tequila and was quaffing it down….He sliced the grapefruit into quarters…then into eighths…then sixteenths…then he began slashing aimlessly at the residue.”

En busca del tiempo perdido: Por el camino de Swann de Marcel Proust


“One day in winter, as I came home, my mother, seeing that I was cold, suggested that, contrary
to my habit, I have a little tea. I refused at first and then, I do not know why, changed my mind. She sent for one of those squat, plump cakes called petites madeleines…”

La metamorfósis de Franz Kafka


“There were old, half-rotten vegetables; bones from the evening meal, covered in white sauce that had gone hard; a few raisins and almonds; some cheese that Gregor had declared inedible two days before; a dry roll and some bread spread with butter and salt….”